Bethel, Vermont

When I built my home I put in 20 Pella casement Windows. Cost a fortune.

They've been trouble from the start. Never held paint, don't close right, blow through parts, cranks strip, etc.. I've had them out numerous times to service the windows. They charge $100/ hr.

PLUS parts & travel time! the last 'servicing' cost almost $600! I've now given them well over $1,000 trying to correct the problems. Not 1 of the original problems has been solved.

Outrageous that they keep charging me given that they've never worked right! Each time they service them they develop a new problem in addition to the old problems. I've given up. My local Pella store is Greenfield, MA.

I tried to go to another store but they have designated areas & each franchise can only operate in a given area. So I'm stuck with 1 dealer. When they were under warranty they would not honor the warranty. I'll never buy another Pella product as long as I live!

Both the product & the service are terrible. I'm now facing replacing all 20 windows! I dread it.

May have to reframe each opening to accommodate a new manufacturer. What a nightmare!

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ive had Pella casement windows for 20 years. not one problem. Maybe you should go back to the builder and make sure they were installed correctly


I purchased replacement parts from Pella Hawaii in July of 2017 and only partial shipment cane in. Here we are May of 2018 and still no parts.

keep contacting Pella Rep in Honolulu but no response. His name is Francis Lee. I’ve sent emails to Pella windows in a Brea Ca. But no response.

Do not order Pella windows.

Theirs customer service is bad. Contact me at


I ordered 2 from Lowe’s “what junk” the first one out of the pack has double grids instead of single. And was poorly built the 2nd one out of the pack had striped latches where they over tightened them! Never buying paella windows again Anderson next time!


I have to agree- they charged a fortune, their windows leak - had lots of rot and their doors let air through. The windows let rain drive through to the rubber - it flows down into the frame.

I had to tack on shields to keep the rain out between the window and frame. I have been telling everyone who listens not to waste their money on Pella.


I have Pella windows and sliding doors, all rot. Not installation but design.

Rain can run behind aluminum cladding and rot the untreated pine. They replaced dome until warranty went out. Sliding door is rotting out from underneath. I would not advise anyone to buy pella doors or windows.

You will regret it. I did.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #947813

Our Pellas suck too. 1/4 of them won't latch, there's freezing air coming in through a few of them.

If we'd had the time we'd have gone to court about the shoddy windows and the crappy installation which left our house looking like the windows had between ripped out and new ones slapped in. Chipped paint and wood everywhere.

Bonita, California, United States #775818

I had all of my windows and my patio sliding door replaced by Pella. My windows are still under warranty, BUT they proudly point out that the warranty is on parts only and that all labor is the responsibility of the owner (checked the warranty and they're correct).

That's NOT what the salesman who came to my house told me; I was told that everything was covered for 10 years. Got to love bait and switch. I have a window that has a horrible draft because it was made incorrectly (missing jamb components), and a sliding door that doesn't close properly and has to constantly be adjusted so that latches. Despite the adjustments, there's a horrible draft coming from where the door closes against the jamb and no amount of adjusting stops it.

POS products, especially for the price paid. Never again will I buy Pella.


I built my house in 2005 and I used Pella. I have had nothing but problems.

Warning they don't warranty they windows. And no one wants to work or do repairs to them. I live in Michigan and we have all four seasons so if you have issues with your windows you have problem so I have 43 windows. I can even get Pella to come out or return a call.

Do not buy windows for Pella if you do you just bought your problems. Ask your Pella dealer how do you make adjustments?

See the lies there staff will tell you. Best of luck.

Napa, California, United States #734934

My windows and doors are beautiful but they have endless problems and Pella has no support at all. Actually told me that they had to put their resources into new customers and were sorry that I was having problme but they could not help.

Spent over $20,000 on a large number of windows and doors just to be horibally frustrated. I go to Lowe's often and always tell anyone looking at windows to not consider Pella.


I have a 30 year old home. Recently a window broke due to a *** wacker throwing a stone.

They either will not fix it or can not. They do not return calls.

I will never buy one of their products again.

New York, New York, United States #721629

Pella is horrible. The window quality is fine but the customer service is the worst I have ever experienced.

After having a defective window part, it took six months and 5 orders to get it replaced. At the end of the day, they overcharged us, misordered the parts 3 or 4 times and then did not install properly.

No apologies either... the only thing we ever got was one of their reps sympathizing by telling us it wasnt only a company with horrible customer service, but a company that was horrible to work for too.

North Troy, Vermont, United States #682484

Perhaps we should contact the Better business bureau on them for poor business practices. I have a sliding door that is leaking all over my room during the rainstorm!!!

Pella is a garbage product And Greenfield, Massachusetts distributor won't help us unless we pay them a fortune.

Also, I will be notifying Lowes which is where I bought them. Perhaps they should stop carrying their brand.


I know someone who works at pella, and the do not care about quality at all! it's all about quantity.

They also DO NOT care about their employees either. you can put in a decade there, and try to advance, but they will only promote friends of the managers, they are BIG on discrimination


We bought Pella windows and doors for our 85 year old home three years ago. Quality was average to poor with most of them. One window does not lock at all and the upper sash is crooked and leaves a 1/4" to 3/8" opening across the top. I use a wooden dowel rod to keep the window "locked" and I stuffed some foam rubber in the gap to stop cold air flow in the winter. All of the screens that came with the windows are of very poor quality.

Pella's service reps for my area are located in another state. They wil charge $140 just to come and look at the window. If they come and deny replacement due to product defect(s), my end cost for replacing this piece of junk will be about $400 plus installation (and it's a small window).

When I call their customer service line, I wait on hold until I am dumped into voice mail. I will replace the window at my expense, and I will never buy Pella products again. My neighbor bought replacement windows for her house from the Window World guys. She's happy with the windows. At least they have local service. 

I thought when the windows were installed, the job was done. Not true and I will never advise anyone to buy Pella products.

If you are in the market for windows, DO NOT rely on ads or a well known name. Read product reviews, warranty info, and ask friends or neighbors who have replacement windows about their results. I did not do these things. I relied only on the Pella name. I learned a big lesson this time.

The good side of the story? The double pane glass with new insulation around the window openings made a drastic change in the comfort level of our home, and even tough heating costs are up, our bills are not. The windows look cleaner and I love the clearer view we have after replacing 85 year old glass. Any average replacement window and a knowledgeable installer probably would have done the same and cost a bit less.


We purchased a Pella Designer Series patio door for our home in November 2012. The first door was installed in February 2012.

It was defective; the installer pointed out cracked wood in the door jam. The second door was installed in around April 2012. It was defective; it did not latch on closing. Pella told us this was normal, and all their doors closed this way.

After a couple of letters to them, a third door was installed in September 2012. At the time, the door latch didn't work right. We were told it was normal and would loosen up. Now, not quite two months later, the door latch won't function, and the door won't latch or lock!!

We had to secure our door with a bike lock last night!! I have given Pella three attempts to replace their defective product, plus one attempt to replace with a door that was rejected before it was installed because it had a huge gash in the panel.

Needless to say, Pella manufactures a horrendous product that I would not have installed in my home for free, much less the over $5,000 that my husband and I paid for this terrible door. Pella deserves to go out of business- only after it reimburses all of its customers for their defective products.


I recently had to buy a latch for a Pella double hung window. The latch is a small part that looks like it couldn't cost more than about $7 even if you gouge the customer.

It was over $20. I also showed them that it was defective in manufacture.

They didn't care. I know its a small complaint but no more Pella for me.


:eek :upset Where do we go from here? Pella refuses to return our calls.

Pella has our money and we have no windows for our home. We so wish that we would have done additional research prior to purchasing from Pella. We live in Marion County Iowa. This is the home of Pella windows.

Because Pella has been around for years we just thought that it was a good company. Many of the people in our community work at Pella. We want to support our community, so we bought Pella products for our home. WOW, what a mistake!!

We read all the other people's complaints and know that this is just Pella way of doing business. Please save your family from this distress! Purchase from any other company! Pella is just awful to sell such poorly manufactured product to us as the consumers!

We have new Pella windows that are letting the water just flow into our home. What a mess.

Hind sight is 20/20! Do your homework!


Mr. Corum,

It's sad your posting claims Pella is one of the top of the line windows.

That is not the real life story from thousands of families in the USA. Our windows show that Pella does not provide quality control. They have also provided no customer service to their faulty products that are in our homes. It is easy to read about all the families that are suffering from the decision to purchase from Pella.

I would agree that Pella has many good people working for them, but Pella does not allow those people to work up to their potential. The products that are being sent, into the homes of families, are extremely faulty. Pella has a track record of being a "shifty" company that will do anything to get a sale and nothing in the line of customer service. I hear from families nearly every day that do not know how to get their new faulty Pella windows serviced.

We all want to provide jobs to wonderful workers in the USA, but not at the cost of our homes. We strongly suggest that you do your research before you purchase from any of Pella's line of products.

READ READ READ! :? :? :?


This comment is to reloader 21050. I don't believe your statement, that Pells Corp.

is owned by by Larson Manufacturing.

Pella Corp is family owned. I don't know much about Larson, but I think Pella is much larger.

to Stanley Corum #1038952

Pella parts are ordered from Larson. Service guy who supposedly ordered my part a month ago...and it's still not here...informed me of this.

Family owned or not, Pella SMELLS.

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