Pella Window Installation Reviews

I would think twice about hiring a company that doesn't pay the help. It could open you the homeowner up to having a lien filed against your property. I'm in the process of recovering money from this business right now. The rep continues to make one excuse after another regarding final payment. There are multiple companies that install for this location and they're not happy either after continuing to be screwed around by the staff. If you're...
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jkolbinc Payment in full has been received. Thanks!

A little over a decade ago I had several Pella windows installed and upon putting on a new roof this summer, I noticed that one was loose in its frame (it is over 8 feet by 6 feet). I called Bill N. from church (sings tenor in the choir) who is in construction like his father before him. Bill said it was a lousy installation. My father was a carpenter and I found it odd that the person who came to the house told me he did not need to get...
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  • Poor installation