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I called Pella to get a replacement slim shade and she said they don't make these anymore. We bought these in 1988

I asked if they could sell me the ladder cord and I would restring myself. She said they don't have the ladder string.

The only thing I can do is replace the inside glass and put in the new shades that have a lever that goes up and down.

Our windows have a round turner at the bottom right.

She said it would be VERY expensive. The window would cost $100 to $ 200 but they shade would cost $ 400- $600.

There has to be someone that makes the ladder string 5/8" but I can not find it anywhere.Any suggestions'

Product or Service Mentioned: Pella Window.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Anyone know how to get new blinds for sliding glass doors besides Pella? Pella wanted $1,400 for each blackout blind= $2,800. I will never give them another penny for anything.


I am on my 2nd set of blinds for my Pella full glass door with slim shades in between the glass door. The first set lasted about 10 years I got it replaced from Pella.

Now they don’t do it anymore. Directed me to Oem. A company that can restring or replaced them. I paid to send them to this company, they want $250 to restring them and over $500 to replace them.

This is ludicrous. I can buy new blinds cheaper than $250.

I don’t know what I am going to do now. I’m very unsatisfied with Pella right now.


I wish i knew too..They wanted $1200 for each blackout blind for mine.I can buy a brand new door with blinds and installed for less than $2,400 that that would cost me.


FixMyBlinds.com 615 Conrad St. Colorado Springs, CO 80915 Phone (719) 597-**** They used to be at 2343 Jet Wing Drive in Colorado Springs


1-87*-***-****. Call them and they will send the ladder cord free of charge.


This is legitimate! I just called this number and they are sending ME 2 new ladder cords to fix my 1980's sliding glass door blind!


Now I do not have to pay $360 for a new blind like I was going to have to do before I read your post! Thank you so much for passing on this number!!!


1-87*-***-**** Call this number and they will send your replacements FREE!!!!


Who do u call I also have 30 year old slider and some awning windows .Pella said the cord is no longer available and i will have to buy new shade for 250 dollars for a 16 x 30 inch awning window..thanx


There is so much in this article that I would never have thought of on my own. https://affordableblindssite.weebly.com/


not helpful


I hope numerous people are able to acquire access to this information.


1988 windows. Yah


For the replacement cord I am using 40 pound fishing line. I purchased it from Walmart.


Fishing line will saw groves into the soft plastic parts ultimately destroying the entire blind. I know from experience.




We had Pella between-glass slim shades installed when we built our house in 2006 - about 40 window and slider shades (most are double sets with two windows next to each other, or triple window sets with a large window in the middle and two smaller windows at the sides of the large window). Pella replaced the shades over and over from 2007 through part of 2017 at no cost, but we had to fight with them over the years to get it done!

They replaced a lot of hinge panels and shades in 2016 before our 10-year warranty expired - after I had the service manager come out - but shades still kept breaking even after he hired a retired "expert" repairman. Finally in 2017 they told me that they would no longer replace the shades, even though one broke (again) that was less than a year old. Since then we've had 7 shades break that were less than 2 years old (this is what happened over the years, shades breaking that were under the 2-year replacement warranty period). Fortunately, a repairman had left some new blinds for us that he ordered - so we were able to replace 2 of our broken blinds, but still have 5 broken.

In addition to broken blinds over the 10 years, we had a sliding door fall off the track plus window leakage in 3 windows and a door. I took pictures of water running in the windows during a hard rain, with towels soaking up the rain. After I sent the pictures to the service manager, the window seals were finally fixed right and we've had no more leakage. We had cold air coming in another door and they finally fixed the seal on it.

It's been a constant hassle over 11 years and we've had to argue and put up with some crap to get repairs done. I'm sorry that we spent all that money on PELLA windows, doors and blinds when we had our house built.

Our reasoning at the time: we live on a lake, wanted to see the view and didn't want window curtains or "treatments" hanging at 40 windows - we thought the Pella shades would be nice because other shades would be so visible and have to be cleaned. It's a good concept if only the shades were a good quality that wouldn't break all the time!


Guess I will just have to tear out all the blinds and put regular blinds over my windows. What a huge waste of money.

I called about getting mine taken care of before 10 years was up and they told me they didn't make those blinds or the ladders any more. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE PELLA. I have at least 23 of these windows in my house.

They open, but most strings are short due to breakage, and today I went to lift one up (which we had quit doing a long time ago because they stick) and guess what, it is now stuck up and I can't get it back down. Great customer service, product quality, and warranty PELLA.


We installed Pella windows at great expense hoping we would have a quality product that could be repaired if it broke. One of the between-glass shades broke recently (just a string, actually) on our four-pane window.

Guess what Pella will charge us to replace the shade. $475.00!!! That's $1,900 to replace all four shades as they break one by one.

They know it will cost more than $475.00 to replace the whole window, But, if we eventually have to replace all of the shades, we will have paid more than the original window cost in the first place.You've been warned. Stay away from Pella.


Take a sample of the string to Wal mart and look in the bead making area and buy the closest string and take apart the window and simply tie the string at the bottom of the blind and thread it through tot he top and out the hole in the frame.


I have Pella designer series with raise and lower blinds ( god awful product. these window were purchased in 2002 starting in the 11th year when warranty expired the problems started, LEAKING BETWEEN THE GLASS, STRINGS FOR RAISE AND LOWER BREAKING,i DON'T THINK I RECEIVED THE UV RATED GLASS I PAID FOR.Purchased 24 windows + 12 foot triple door wall for $ 18,250.00 neighbor who is a builder and I installed them so installation was done correctly ( thank God I didn't have Pella install it would have been close to $40,000. would never consider this product again & if purchasing another home I would DEFINITELY would lower my original offer if the home had Pella windows that were anywhere near 6/7 years old as I know whats going to happen shortly after 10 years.

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