We built our home 12 years ago and instead of taking the cheap builder grade windows we paid thousands to upgrade to Pella windows. Pella had a good name and we wanted quality windows as we knew we'd be in the house for a long time.

To date, we are not happy with the Pella product. In particular the windows have issues with rotting. I was fortunate with our picture window as it was still under warranty but installation cost thousands from the local dealer who has a monopoly on the service. It didn't seem like much of a deal.

Now we have another rotten window and it looks like it will be painful. First it is $106 just for the Pella rep to come to the house. First available date was a month and a half out and should we agree to have them install the replacement window, another 6 weeks for scheduling the repair. Now that is service!

We were already told that the window will not be under warranty as only the glass is warranted for 20 years the rest of the window stopped at 10.

I'm expecting a inflated window price plus a not so competitive service price. Pella would not be on my product choice list in the future.

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Take a tour of the manufacturing process and you would be amazed at how cheap these windows are made and how they make the employees work 10 hour days standing for hours doing a repetitive motion for hours on end.


I would suggest hiring independent consultant evaluate the root cause of the windows and doors failing.....


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