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We purchased Pella 3 years ago, replacing all of the doors and windows in our home. We purchased from Pella to ensure we had their installers and the best quality windows.

We felt we were buying the best and would have no installation issues. We were wrong. It took almost a year to get the installtion done right. What a nightmare.

Now 3 years later the front door (mahogany fiberglass door) has faded in spots and the cover has detached from the door at the bottom. We called thinking we had a good warranty. No problem, they will get the new cover to us. We have to pay to have it installed or we can have someone else do it for us.

I questioned how the warranty could not cover the installation and she said that's just how their warranties are. I went to their site to read the warranty - as the papers we received refers to the warranty but nothing detailed. The "20 year", "10 year" and "lifetime" warranties only cover what is reported in the first 2 years! So, how they can refer to these as anything more than 2 year warranties is something I will have to ask our attorney general.

Read the fine print and take the negative reviews seriously.

We spent just shy of $60K and we have to replace the door cover after 3 years. Isn't that sweet!

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:cry Mt. Laurel, from experience we can tell you that it makes no difference what Pella puts in their warranty, they do not stand behind anything!!!

Their products are manufactured in such a way that they fall apart the day that they are unwrapped. Pella does not have any customer service that is even worth calling. You are laughable if you think that we, the customers in the cheap seats, should have to replace anything on a window that is 3 years old. Pella is making a bed that they are going to have to lay in.

Word is going to get out!

It is just to bad that an Iowa company is going to be closed because they are manufacturing such poor quality products! Customers Beware!


Do you know what any product would have to cost if labor warranties were 10 years? No one would buy the product beacause it would be too expensive.

Why don't car companies warrant their product for that long?

It sounds like you're a little upset because you didn't bother to read the warranty before you bought the product and now you feel duped. If I were buying 60k worth of anything, I'd probably check up on it.

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