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My name is Charles Bagenstose. I reside at 1019 Butterworth Lane, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20774, and my telephone number is 301-336-0622. Along with well over 1700 other customers, I was taken by the Pella Corporation for a terrible ride. This is my story.

During the summer of 1992 I purchased a Pella sunroom from the James A. Cassidy Company (now K.C. Company) in Beltsville, Maryland. Unbeknownst to me, the windows were constructed in such a manner that water could enter the frames beneath the trims and rot the frames during the warranty period without my knowledge, because the damage was hidden by the aluminum casings or trims. By the time I realized what was happening, the damage was extensive. Not only were all nine windows of the sunroom rotted out, but also the framework of the sunroom beneath the windows was decayed although not noticeably, because it was covered with vinyl siding.

I was not the only person to suffer hidden damage because of Pella's defective windows. A class action suit has been filed on behalf of 1,789 other people, who didn't discover their window damage until after the warranty period expired, because it was cleverly disguised. The suit is being handled by the law firm Freed & Weiss LLC, 111 West Washington Street, Suite 1331, Chicago, Illinois 60602. It is not too late to join the suit.

The wooden window frames apparently were inadequately treated, because Pella is now saying that it has enhanced their wood preservative to include EnduraGuard, which provides "advanced protection."

Pella Corporation refuses to do anything to make amends to the customers victimized by the company's deceptive practices. Since the warranty expired before the customers became aware of the hidden damage, the company considers the matter to be closed.

After only 19 years, I had to demolish the Pella sunroom and replace it with another company's product. That is when I became fully aware of the hidden damages.

My new sunroom comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #765995

Installed 12 new pella windows in 2009. ProLine 450 series casements in bedroom FROST UP when the temp.

is BELOW 15 DEGREES F. In winter of 2010 Pella service came to inspect (we even took off trim) and guy said it was due to high humidity not bad install. Showed him Humidity in house was 10% and he stilled blamed it on my son's breathing. Suggested I *** screens, open blinds, place a space heater under window and put a dehumidifier in son's room.

Did everything except space heater since son hates a hot room, still windows frost up when its below 15 deg. Called again for appts, they cancel appts TWICE when Artic air makes it under 15 degrees at night. Very convenient for them, I stay home from work and they call to reschedule, of course to a warmer day in March. Winters of 2011 & 2012 were mild.

Only 2 years warranty for free service calls so now if I want to have them inspect, have to pay $100 for service call. Pella has a 10 yr warranty on their product, but only IF they will acknowledge problem. Since people only replace windows once during their life, they don't care about you. Best solution is to buy replacement windows ($200) vs.

paying the $100 bucks to be told my son needs to stop breathing. DON'T BUY PELLA! Social Media to everyone about PELLA's crappy products and avoidant service.

Pella you think you're smart and can get away with bad busn. but I can influence thousands of potential customers thru You Tube, tweets, facebook and internet.

Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria #662189

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:cry Please read carefully everything that you can about Pella Windows and Doors! Buyer Beware!!


We purchased 20K worth of Pella Insulshield windows in 2006 from Lowes. Right from the start we had problems with screens falling out, some never delivered, windows slamming shut, some windows never opening more than an inch and now with winter upon us one window not closing all the way.

I have a towel in place to keep out rain. I just tried to clean my bathroom window and gently pulled out the top of the bottom window and the while thing came off the track. We originally called Lowes and they said it was Pella's problem and vice versa. Pella finally sent someone out but they were incompetent and just replaced a screen.

We placed a call this year to the Ct.

office but since my post will be deleted I will not write what I think of them. I will never recommend Pella windows to anyone.


I am helping my great grandparents to report their experience through the internet. Grandpa had me write this for him. He and I are posting it in different locations so that other familys do not make their same poor decision to purchase Pella windows.

As I read the postings with regard to Pella Windows, it is so easy to see just which people earn their living through the sale of Pella Windows and Doors!

We are unhappy Pella customers, as is easy to see that there are thousands of us. Our nearly 30 architect series windows, in our new 2008 home, all leak when it rains except for the ones that are under the porch roof. Pella was contacted dozens of times to service them. Pella sent out what they called installation experts 4 times. The first time this expert was in our home he offered that we should pull off the siding so that he could see the way that the windows were framed out, the shimming of the windows and the way the water sealed flashing tape was installed. We were so desperate that we did exactly as he requested. We had the siding removed to show the "installation expert" just how these things were done. We pulled off all the siding on the north side of our home. This cost us a total of $6,380.00, out of our pocket to remove, purchase new, have replaced and painted. There were no "installation errors" that this Pella professional could locate on any of the 17 north side windows. The Pella "installation expert" could not give us any suggestions for the water leaking into our home when it rained and blew. We were smart and took photos of our home as we removed the siding and had this "Pella installation expert" review our case on our property.

We demanded that Pella fix our windows. As we read in another posting, my 76 year old wife and I were "nice". We have had to call dozens (my wife says hundreds) of times and visit the store way to many times to count to get any response at all. After the first inspection that revealed nothing wrong. I refused to remove the rest of the siding, as there was nothing wrong with the entire north side. Pella then sent out "installation experts" 3 other times. There has still to this date not been anything that has been done to fix our windows to keep out the water.

We also watched the video of "Sharron of Moravia". Our windows seem to have the same issues as hers. The water comes into our home when it blows. I don't understand the comment about the "lack of water above". There is no water above as it comes in where the sashes meet. Our water looks exactly the same. As we search online, we see that there are many others that have the same problems. Pella just simply does not service their products.

For nearly 80 years, my wife and I have been good community members. We have never needed to look into an attorney except for the normal trust/will preparation and the two times we have purchased new homes. We did look into filing against Pella and found that we only had 2 years. We now fully understand why Pella quit talking to us. They knew that if they could play us for 2 years, our time would be up and they would not have to ever service our windows.

We are writing this in hopes that we can save another family our hopeless dilemma. Please choose your windows from any other company. A Pella window purchase will prove to make your live miserable. If you do not believe us, just read all the reviews you can find online about the many other unhappy Pella customers.


Charles Bagenstose situation with the Pella sunroom is exactly what happened to our home.

MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. Pella would not even talk to us after they found out what we were calling about.

Like Charles we did not know the extent of the damage until we went to try repair the sunroom at our cost. WE ARE PISSED......


Hello Charles!

I'm sorry to hear about your Sunroom. There are so many things that can impact the performance of products in your home, like your sunroom. For example, your climate and environment, the vegetation around your home, the type and style of construction in your home, the way the product was installed and ongoing maintenance can all play a role in product performance.

Pella products are designed and tested to meet industry standards. If you have outstanding questions and would like to talk to someone at Pella, please contact Pella Customer Support at 1-800-374-4758 or email pellawebsupport@pella.com with CHUCK BAGENSTOSE in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you so we can work together to address your concerns.

Sincere thanks,

Erin M. Pella Community Manager

to PellaCommMngmt Mcminnville, Tennessee, United States #1030481

you just lost a $10K install.


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